Careers at Hiveroaster

Intern needed HIVEROASTERLLC                                                                                         

Hiveroaster is a newly incorporated manufacturing and sales company which provides high quality, innovative coffee roasting solutions.  The design at the heart of hiveroaster is patent pending, and provides an optimum roasting environment while reducing the environmental impact normally associated with coffee roasting by using the heat source to not only heat the beans but to incinerate the smoke as well.

What we are looking for

Ideal candidate would be a major in mechanical engineering.  

Understanding or the willingness to gain the knowledge of:

Deep drawing

Metal spinning

Metal stamping

Flow forming

Electronics in respect to temperature monitoring and PID controls

Materials engineering

Electro Hydraulic controls and hydraulics


What we are trying to accomplish

Transferring physical items and processes to documents. Cad models etc.

New product development

New product process engineering

Existing product manufacturing machinery evaluation, engineering and upgrades


Schedule and location

On your terms. School is your priority, nothing we are doing is under a time frame.

Most work will be done remotely, periodic in person visits may be helpful for complete understanding of the product and associated process.

How to apply.


This is an unpaid position at this point.  As the company grows and revenue increases this will hopefully change to a paid position.  For now there is coffee and a strong possibility of tacos.

Please send a resume and cover letter to