Become a Roastmaster

Custom roast fresh green beans from all over the world – in the comfort of your own kitchen. Experiment with different beans and roasting profiles. The Hive Smokeless Home Coffee Roaster gives you control over the development of the coffee beans. Explore new flavors and discover favorites. Turn your kitchen into an artisan roastery. Your imagination is the limit! 
 The process is simple. 
  1. Remove the lid.  
  2. Add your green coffee beans.  
  3. Cover with lid.
  4. Hold over medium low heat and shake it!  
    (Check out the video at the bottom of the page)

You will experience the aroma change as the roasting stages develop. It will change from a green grassy smell to a nutty, bread scent and then a rich coffee aroma, while witnessing the beans transform before your eyes. 

You will know you are getting close when you start to hear the pop of the beans cracking. If you are playing music when roasting, don't worry about missing the crack as you can feel it in the handle when it starts.  
Flavor development happens at the end of the roast, so if you want to extend the development phase, lower your heat or raise the roaster up off the flame. Either way will lower the heat input, extending development. Raising the roaster high off the flame will add quite a bit of airflow to provide a very clean tasting coffee. 
Use all your senses to decide when the beans are at their peak of flavor and then flip the roaster over and dump the beans out into a sieve or bowl to cool. 

I use a fan to cool them faster and separate the chaff, then I store the fresh roasted goodness in mason jars for grinding and brewing.  The industry recommends a wait of three days to grind and roast for peak flavor.

However, there is nothing like the sensory overload that is coffee brewed from beans roasted and barely cooled off.  The texture of the coffee is thick and creamy, the flavor exactly how you want it, because you roasted it.  

The process is addictive and you will find yourself taking notes and marking jars, learning all the ways to roast each variety as you travel the world of flavor while never leaving your own cozy kitchen.