service program

Here at Hiveroaster we build every roaster to last a lifetime.  We expect each part of the roaster to be fully functional and worry free, but we know that things happen and so to keep your roaster in top condition, take advantage of the Hiveroaster service program.  

This service is available at no cost to you, other than shipping to and from your location.  If parts are needed, a complete quote for the cost of the replacement parts will be given and if approved the new parts will be installed at no charge.

What we will do during service:

Visual examination of the roaster

Tolerance check

Lid fitting check and adjustment

New Chaff Screen

On early roasters a clip was used to hold the lid in place.  A new process has been created utilizing a locking bead.  This will be done and you can stop using your clip or worrying about a loose lid.

Since the inception of Hiveroaster we have constantly upgraded the product and the process it takes to create it.  As a result, newer roasters, while providing the exact same function as the oldest ones are just a little bit nicer in terms of the fit and finish. This service program will get your old roaster just as dialed in as the ones coming off the line today.

Clean and polish, if requested.  Some folks like the patina, but maybe you really like very shiny things?  Up to you, just let us know.

If you have been considering an upgrade, this is the perfect time to do it!  We will service your roaster and then fit your upgrade parts.

How long does it take?

Expect service to take no more than 3 business days.

How to get service?
Just send mathew a message.  You can text to 707 791 4260, email at or send a DM on IG or Facebook.