Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a gas stove for this to work?

Hives will roast on most heat sources but gas is much better.  Camping stove work very well

Is it hard to learn to roast?

Learning to roast coffee well takes some practice and there is a lot to learn, however excellent results can be achieved with limited experience.

Do you ship internationally?

Heck Yes!  There are some countries which are restricted due to political issues, however we are able to ship to most.

How much will it cost to ship to my country?

Just enter your shipping details on the checkout page (before adding any payment info) and your actual cost will be shown.

Will I get taxed by my government?

Some countries charge taxes upon entry.  Some are based on the value of purchase, others seem arbitrary. Amounts vary as do names. We have no way to estimate these, cannot prepay them.  You will be responsible for any additional fees.  

Can I roast any profile of coffee with the Hive?

Yes indeed.  There are techniques to learn for each style, but anything is possible.

How much does it smoke?

Smoke output is always reduced, as long as the roaster is over a flame and the flame is hot enough.  How much this functions is dependent on a variety of factors such as load size, flame intensity and profile choices.  Assuming a normal profile is chosen, with a normal load size, the smoke output is reduced to where you may roast in your home.

Where are these made?

All Hive Roaster products are handmade in Santa Rosa Ca, by Mathew Canniff, the only employee of the company.